30th Anniversary


For 30 years – since 1987 – Forced Migration Review has published articles by practitioners, policy makers and researchers. We share expertise, insights, research and questions from the world of policy, practice and research and support the information needs of the international community.

We have sought to cover topical issues, issues of emerging importance and those which merit greater attention than they receive. We have striven to include displaced people in all this, and to encourage accountability of the international community towards those directly affected by forced migration and statelessness.

FMR is the result of a meeting between Oxford researchers and UN and NGO staff members, and continues to be a tool and a resource of those diverse communities. Please use us! We are here to support your work and to facilitate learning but it only works with your involvement as readers, donors, communicators and writers.

We publish FMR in English, French, Spanish and Arabic for a global readership, three times per year, plus occasional supplements. It is free of charge in print and online.

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We would like to thank all those who have engaged with us over these three decades: readers, authors, donors, advisors and colleagues. We are grateful to those who have worked with us to translate, design, print and disseminate FMR. And we acknowledge the continuing importance to us of our ‘home’ – the Refugee Studies Centre and the University of Oxford.

In each issue of FMR we publish a selection of articles that can be on any aspect of contemporary forced migration as well as a feature theme presenting a range of perspectives around that theme.

Email us at fmr@qeh.ox.ac.uk about your idea for an article and we will let you know if it is likely to be of interest, and will give you advice on content, style, etc.

Articles can be as short as 600 words, or as long as 2,500 words. You don’t have to be an experienced writer – we are happy to work with you to develop your piece – and remember that you can submit articles in English, French, Arabic or Spanish.
Look at our guidance for authors at www.fmreview.org/writing-fmr.

FMR is an Open Access publication and we encourage you to share articles widely in accordance with our Creative Commons licence terms.

Our forthcoming issues:
FMR 55 Shelter in displacement (June 2017)
FMR 56 Latin America and the Caribbean (October 2017)
FMR 57 The Middle East / Syria (February 2018) (call for articles coming soon)
FMR 58 Economies, work and displacement (June 2018) (call for articles coming soon)