August 2000

Trying to find a short title on which to hang the feature section of this issue has not been easy. Respect, accountability, evaluation, ethics and responsibility are all themes interwoven in the varied range of articles published in this feature. In the end we opted for ‘Accountability’. This issue also includes a mini feature on India and the Guiding Principles, plus articles on refugees and the media in Australia and training for police in Uganda.


Contents and links to all articles

August 2000


Thinking outside the box: evaluation and humanitarian action
Jeff Crisp

Promise and practice: participatory evaluation of humanitarian assistance
Tania Kaiser

Research in conflict areas: ethics and accountability
Jonathan Goodhand

Reflections on research among Liberian refugees
Linda Kreitzer

Capacity building, accountability and humanitarianism in Sri Lanka
Jennifer Hyndman and Malathi de Alwis

Listening to the displaced: analysis, accountability and advocacy in action
Simon Harris

Globalization and accountability: the corporate sector in involuntary displacement and resettlement
Patricia Feeney

Internal displacement in India: causes, protection and dilemmas
Mahendra Lama

Rethinking the Guiding Principles: the case of the Kashmiri Pandits
K C Saha

IDPs: rights and status
Marc Vincent

Australia and asylum: no longer “land of the fair go”?
Tim Morris

The hard press of asylum
Sharon Pickering

Working with the media: notes for refugee advocates
Melissa Phillips

A refugee at my door: training for police in Uganda
Pamela Reynell

The next HCR must refocus on protection
Ed Schenkenberg van Mierop

General Articles / Regulars

Debate - readers respond to the feature on land and property issues in FMR issue 7
Housing and property issues: recent developments - Bret Thiele
Compensation to IDPs in Colombia - Sean Loughna and Robert Muggah

Global IDP Project
Complex accountability - Andreas Danevad