African displacement

roots, resources and resolution
FMR 16
January 2003

The eleven articles in the feature section look at displacement in Africa in general and specifically relating to Burundi, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Western Sahara, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Angola. Three general articles look at Yemen, the ‘CNN effect’ on humanitarian crises, and Palestinian refugee property issues.


Contents and links to all articles

African displacement: roots, resources and resolution
FMR 16
January 2003


Camps and freedoms: long-term refugee situations in Africa
Arafat Jamal

Transnational linkages between refugees in Africa and in the diaspora
Dianna J Shandy

Burundians use innovative ways to protect the displaced
Greta Zeender

HIV and the internally displaced: Burundi in focus
Raquel Wexler

Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda: from one conflict to the next
Emmanuel Bagenda and Lucy Hovil

Refugee management in Kenya
Refugee Consortium of Kenya

Western Sahara and Palestine: shared refugee experiences
Randa Farah

In 'closed file' limbo: displaced Sudanese in a Cairo slum
Pascale Ghazaleh

Emergency preparedness in South Africa: lessons from the Zimbabwean elections
Hernan del Valle and Tara Polzer

IDP protection in Angola: has momentum been lost?
Kamia Carvalho

Refugees and the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights
Monette Zard in collaboration with Chaloka Beyani and Chidi Anselm Odinkalu

General articles

Yemen and refugees: progressive attitudes - policy void
Nesya H B Hughes

Humanitarian crises: testing the 'CNN effect'
Gorm Rye Olsen, Nils Carstensen and Kristian Høyen

Peace in the Middle East: getting real on the issue of Palestinian refugee property
Scott Leckie


UN investigation into sexual exploitation by aid workers
Asmita Naik

Military haberdashery in Afghanistan
Ted van Baarda and Larry Minear