Dilemmas of development induced displacement

FMR 12
January 2002

One of the social costs of development is that dams, roads, ports, railways, mines and logging  displace people. In all cases displacement raises important ethical questions. What is owed to people who are displaced? Under what conditions can development that includes displacement be justified? What kind of ethical analysis can provide justification for displacement-inducing development? The six articles in the feature section attempt to address these questions; also included is a literature review relating to development-induced displacement and resettlement. This issue also includes six general articles focusing on subjects such as Brazil’s Refugee Act, separated children seeking asylum, Angolan IDPs, and trafficking and smuggling.


Contents and links to all articles

Dilemmas of development-induced displacement
FMR 12
February 2002


Development, displacement and ethics
Peter Penz

Improving outcomes in development-induced displacement and resettlement projects compiled
Chris de Wet

Policies and practice in Three Gorges resettlement: a field account
Shawn Steil and Duan Yuefang

Creating poverty: the flawed economic logic of the World Bank’s revised involuntary resettlement policy
Theodore E Downing

Development-induced displacement: internal affair or international human rights issue?
Bjorn Pettersson

Towards a right to security of place
Scott Leckie

General articles

Dignified village life for the displaced
Ghassem Fardanesh and Bryan Walker

Trafficking, smuggling and human rights: tricks and treaties
Anne Gallagher

Angolan IDPs resolving conflicts
Steve Utterwulghe

Social work with unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people
Ravi Kohli

Separated children seeking asylum: the most vulnerable of all
Kate Halvorsen

Brazil’s Refugee Act: model refugee law for Latin America?
José H Fischel de Andrade and Adriana Marcolini