Education in emergencies

learning for a peaceful future
FMR 22
January 2005

The unprecedented number of people wanting to write for the feature section of this FMR reflects the recent explosion of interest in post-conflict education. FMR22 reaches you at a turning point in this emerging sector – following the launch at the 2nd Inter-Agency Global Consultation on Education in Emergencies and Early Reconstruction in Cape Town (December 2004) of the Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies.


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Education in emergencies: learning for a peaceful future
FMR 22
January 2005


Cape Town: new impetus for networking
Eldrid Middtun

Recent research and current research gaps
Christopher Talbot

Who is doing what and where?
Lori Heninger

The Inter-Agency Network on Education in Emergencies
Allison Anderson and Beverly Roberts

Education that protects
Susan Nicolai

Risking protection through education?
Amalia Fawcett

Education free-for-all
Marc Sommers

Emergency education in Iraq
Anita Malley and Carl Triplehorn

Teacher development and student well-being
Rebecca Winthrop and Jackie Kirk

Getting education out of the box
Lyndsay Bird

Building citizenship and life skills
Margaret Sinclair

Accelerated learning in Afghanistan
Christine Capacci Carneal and Anne Ullman McLaughlin

Peace Education programmes: why and how?
Pamela Baxter and Vick Ikobwa

Passport to a brighter future?
Rachel Newton

Time to end neglect of post-primary education
Tim Brown

Gender imbalance in secondary schools
Catherine Howgego Mugisha

Parental involvement
Ezra S Simon

Why school feeding works
Ute Meir

Is school feeding a distraction?
Pamela Baxter

Negotiating Kosovo’s educational minefield
Marc Sommers and Peter Buckland

Educational reconstruction in Rwanda
Anna Obura

Promoting stable post-conflict education
Dana Burde

Education for Afghan refugees: documentation and coordination needs
Atle Hetland

General articles / Regulars

Speaker’s Corner
IOM: trespassing on others’ humanitarian space?

The Darfur crisis in context
Francis M Deng

The value of transparency, replicability and representativeness
Loren B Landau and Karen Jacobsen

Displaced Iraqis: caught in the maelstrom
David Romano

Neirab Rehabilitation Project
Lex Takkenberg and Hala Mukhles

The Collaborative Response
Simon Bagshaw and Marc Vincent


NRC: Education programme models

Global IDP Project: Trapped in displacement

Brookings-Bern Project: Education for IDPs – poor marks


Fritz Institute: Logistics training: necessity or luxury?

RSC: Child protection: rhetoric and reality

Endnote: Peace agreements must address education
Pilvi Torsti