Europe: fortress or refuge?

FMR 23
May 2005

The theme articles in this FMR challenge Europe’s leaders to ensure that development of a common European asylum policy focuses on tackling the root causes of forced migration and on providing protection and integration and not simply keeping asylum seekers out of Europe. As well as a range of general articles on Syria, Georgia, camp design, Nigeria and urban refugees, it also includes three feature articles on slow progress in providing protection and assistance in Darfur, the process of selecting the new head of UNHCR and an interview with Walter Kälin, the UN Secretary-General’s IDP representative.


Contents and links to all articles

Europe: fortress or refuge?
FMR 23
May 2005


Interview: Walter Kälin, Representative of the UN Secretary-General on the Human Rights of IDPs

The international response to Darfur
Roberta Cohen

Selecting the new High Commissioner for Refugees
Manisha Thomas and Ed Schenkenberg van Mierop

Speaker’s Corner

Who should drive humanitarian responses?
Nick Cater

Human resources neglected prior to repatriation
Atle Hetland

Asylum in Europe feature

Introduction: Europe – fortress or refuge?
Heaven Crawley

Chequered progress towards a common EU asylum policy
Tim Morris

Towards the integration of refugees in Europe
European Council on Refugees and Exiles

Europe looks to Africa to solve the ‘asylum problem’
Heaven Crawley

Integration and dispersal in the UK
David Griffiths, Nando Sigona and Roger Zetter

Is Europe failing separated children?
Diana Sutton and Terry Smith

Dutch ‘safe zone’ in Angola
Joris van Wijk

Wasted human resources: employers ignore refugees’ potential
Berend Jonker

Albania – Europe’s reluctant gatekeeper
Ridvan Peshkopia

Europe and the rebuilding of Somalia
Kithure Kindiki

Chechen refugees denied access to Europe
Martin Rozumek

General articles

Challenges of temporary protection in Syria
Ann Maymann

IDPs in the new Georgia
Freya von Groote

Challenging camp design guidelines
Jim Kennedy

‘Restriction of access’ is displacement: a broader concept and policy
Michael M Cernea

Internal displacement in Nigeria: an urgent challenge
Claudia McGoldrick

Recommendations for urban refugee policy
Karen Jacobsen and Loren Landau

Regular features


Falling asylum figures: a wake-up call for the EU?
Raymond Hall

Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement:
Safeguarding IDP voting rights
Erin Mooney and Balkees Jarrah

Norwegian Refugee Council:
Norwegian proposal to clarify refugee status
Vigdis Vevstad

Global IDP Project:
25 million IDPs worldwide: no change

Refugee Studies Centre:
Refugee protection: where is the EU heading?
Maria-Teresa Gil Bazo

Land rights: a gift for refugees in West Timor
Ingvild Solvang