Internal displacement

April 1998

This first issue of Forced Migration Review is the successor to the Refugee Participation Network newsletter, and published in association with the Global IDP Survey of the Norwegian Refugee Council. This first issue carries a special feature on Internally Displaced People, plus a range of other articles.


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Internal Displacement
April 1998


Feature articles

Forced migration within national borders: the IDP agenda
Jon Bennett

The Three Gorges: the unexamined toll of development-induced displacement
Martin Stein

National response to internal displacement
Jennifer McLean

Living in the shadows: internally displaced people in southern Africa
Marion Ryan Sinclair

Colombia: a search for peace in the midst of conflict
Sean Loughna

General articles

Human rights have no borders
Maura Lean

Bosnia and Herzegovina: problems and progress in the return process
Carl Hallergård

Managing the return of refugees to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Richard Jacquot

The view from the battlements: community work on the fringe of Fortress Europe
Michael Collyer

Refugee crisis in the Great Lakes: have any lessons been learned?
Flora MacDonald

Responding to crises in the African Great Lakes
Glynne Evans