Learning from Kosovo

August 1999

We are delighted to have our colleague Dr Matthew Gibney as Guest Editor for this issue with its focus on Kosovo. In his introduction ‘Learning from Kosovo’, on page 4, Matthew Gibney discusses the relevance of an issue on Kosovo and introduces the articles that follow. We received so much material on Kosovo that the feature section is longer than usual; in the rest of the issue, you will find  our usual regular features plus one general article – on East Timor – and an extract from a report on sexual and gender-based violence in Tanzania.


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Learning from Kosovo

August 1999


Introduction: learning from Kosovo
Matthew J Gibney, Guest Editor

Kosovo: the implications for humanitarian intervention
Richard Caplan

Western diplomacy and the Kosovo refugee crisis
Michael Barutciski

Failing the internally displaced
Roberta Cohen and David A Korn

UNHCR and Kosovo: a personal view from within UNHCR
Nicholas Morris

Humanitarian interventions in Macedonia: an NGO perspective
Peter Morris

Coordination in the midst of chaos: the refugee crisis in Albania
Toby Porter

Kosovan refugees in the UK: the Rolls Royce or rickshaw reception?
Alice Bloch

Myth and reality: the return of Kosovan Albanians
Peter Marsden

Kosovo and beyond: popular and unpopular refugees
Matthew J Gibney

General articles

East Timor: forced resettlement
John G Taylor

Security for women

Regular features

Global IDP Survey News