Going home: land and property issues

April 2000

Scott Leckie, director of the Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, joins us as Guest Editor for our feature section on land and property rights of displaced people. In his introduction, he stresses: “Few procedures are more complex, subject to controversy and difficult to implement than ensuring that those who have a right to return to their original homes are actually allowed to do so.” The eight articles that follow illustrate this point from around the world and draw out recommendations for building awareness and encouraging better practice in the future.


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Going home: land and property issues
April 2000


Introduction: land and property issues
Scott Leckie

At the heart of the return process: solving property issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Catherine Phuong

The rehabilitation of homes and return of minorities to Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Guy Hovey

Resolving Kosovo’s housing crisis
Scott Leckie

Unfinished business: the IDP land question in Guatemala
Cecilia Bailliet

Bhutanese refugees: rights to nationality, return and property
Ratan Gazmere and Dilip Bishwo

Women’s rights to land, property and housing
Leilani Farha

Forced relocation in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi: emerging policy
Jon Bennett

Resolving the issue of war displacement in Lebanon
Georges Assaf and Rana El-Fil

People abroad and people at home in societies under strain
Nicholas Van Hear

General Articles / Regulars

Global IDP Project
Arable land and internal displacement in Colombia
Bjorn Pettersson