Delivering the goods: rethinking humanitarian logistics

FMR 18
September 2003

In this issue of Forced Migration Review the crucial role of humanitarian logistics is discussed in the voices of logisticians who have been part of practically every major relief effort over the past decade. The perspective of the logistician is a strategic and central component to the planning of effective relief efforts. The articles in this issue highlight the multidimensional challenges facing humanitarian logisticians as well as their ingenuity and commitment as they rise to meet the challenges.


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Delivering the goods: rethinking humanitarian logistics
FMR 18
September 2003


Why logistics?
Anisya Thomas

The academic side of commercial logistics and the importance of this special issue
Ricardo Ernst

Humanitarian logistics: context and challenges
Lars Gustavsson

A logistician's plea
John Rickard

Towards improved logistics: challenges and questions for logisticians and managers
Donald Chaikin

UN Joint Logistics Centre: a coordinated response to common humanitarian logistics concerns
David B Kaatrud, Ramina Samii and Luk N Van Wassenhove

The central role of supply chain management at IFRC
Bernard Chomilier, Ramina Samii and Luk N Van Wassenhove

The World Food Programme: augmenting logistics
Peter Scott-Bowden

Logistics under pressure: UNICEF's Back to School programme in Afghanistan
Paul Molinaro and Sandi Blanchet

Coordination in the Great Lakes
George Fenton

Lean logistics: delivering food to northern Ugandan IDPs
Margaret Vikki and Erling Bratheim

Food aid logistics and the southern Africa emergency
Jon Bennett

The humanitarian use of the military
Rupert Wieloch

Marrying logistics and technology for effective relief
H Wally Lee and Marc Zbinden

Humanitarian mapping
Rupert Douglas-Bate

Complex emergency - complex finance?
Guy Hovey and Diana Landsman

General articles

PRTs - guaranteeing or undermining a secure future in Afghanistan?
Paul O'Brien

Post-literacy for refugees and IDPs in Sudan
Hashim Abuzeid, Naomi Lockwood, Rashida Abdel Mutalib and Tony Wrightson

Promises without solutions: Iraqi refugees left in the lurch in Lebanon
Bashir Osmat, Michael Kagan and Samira Trad

Settling refugee disputes in Iran
Fatemeh Keyhanlou, Hani Mansourian and Negar Azimi

The EU and asylum: towards strategies to reduce conflict and human rights abuses in countries of origin
Stephen Castles, Heaven Crawley and Sean Loughna


Internal displacement in Afghanistan ends for some, not for others
Sarah Petrin