Protecting and assisting the internally displaced: the way forward

October 2005

This supplement of Forced Migration Review is published at a crucial moment as the international community recognises the need to urgently address current failures in protection and assistance for internally displaced people. Articles from Jan Egeland (UN Emergency Relief Coordinator) and other key figures in the humanitarian community present a range of views on the future of the IDP regime.


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We are grateful to Dennis McNamara (director of OCHA’s Inter-Agency Internal Displacement Division) for suggesting the need for this publication. It would not have been possible without financial support from OCHA and the Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement and in-kind French translation assistance from Foreign Affairs Canada (FAC) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

This supplement has also been published in French.

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Protecting and assisting the internally displaced: the way forward
October 2005


Towards a stronger humanitarian response system
Jan Egeland

Who does what?
Dennis McNamara

The role of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
Walter Kälin

UNHCR: expanding its role with IDPs
Roberta Cohen

National responsibility and internal displacement: a framework for action
Erin Mooney

Making the Collaborative Response system work
Jens-Hagen Eschenbächer

Implementation of the Collaborative Response in Liberia
Anne Davies and Magnus Wolfe Murray

New approach needed to internal displacement
Joel R Charny

Getting non-state actors to protect IDPs
Greta Zeender

Addressing IDP protection in Africa
Bahame Tom Nyanduga

Protection of IDPs: an ICRC view
Alain Aeschlimann

Coordination and funding: return of IDPs in the Congo
Tim Morris

Darfur dilemmas
Daniel Turton