Older displaced people

At the back of the queue?
FMR 14
July 2002

In disturbingly stark contrast to the impact of our call for papers on displaced children (theme of next issue), our call for papers on older refugees and IDPs – the theme of this issue – produced hardly any response at all. And yet, as Flora MacDonald, former President of HelpAge International, points out in her article, “To age is a universal and personal experience … the rights we talk about and espouse, or deny, are our rights now and in the future.” It is clear that older people are all too often bypassed by humanitarian assistance efforts. The articles included here focus on the positive contributions that older refugees and IDPs can and do make to community life and how agencies need to both consult them and build on their experience.


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Older displaced people: at the back of the queue?
FMR 14
July 2002


Encouraging agencies to pay attention to the needs, knowledge and experience of older people
HelpAge International

Legal protection of the vulnerable: the case of older IDPs
Flora MacDonald

New commitments for older displaced persons
Erin Mooney

Developing guidelines for the protection of older people in humanitarian emergencies
V Vijayakumar

Building on the past, rebuilding the future: older refugees and the challenge of survival
Jacinta Goveas

Focusing on older refugees
Linnie Kesselly

Personal reflections from an older refugee
Ephrem Habyarimana

The breakdown of cultures in refugee camps
Jose Eruesto

General articles

Facing adversity together: stowaways and helpers in Sangatte
Henri Courau

Who should watch over refugee law?
James C Hathaway

Improving resettlement support for Kosovan refugees in New Zealand
Auckland University of Technology Refugee Research Group

The role of the state in refugee integration and settlement: Italy and the Netherlands compared
Maja Korac

Counting the cost: refugees, remittances and the 'war against terrorism'
Cindy Horst and Nick Van Hear

Female genital mutilation, asylum seekers and refugees: the need for an integrated UK policy agenda
Richard A Powell, Amanda Lawrence, Faith N Mwangi-Powell & Linda Morison

IDPs and mobile livelihoods
Finn Stepputat and Ninna Nyberg Sørensen


Involuntary resettlement in China: a model of good practice?
Brooke McDonald and Michael Webber