Reproductive health for displaced people

investing in the future
FMR 19
January 2004

The articles in the feature section of this FMR hint at the breadth of reproductive health research and programming being carried out in conflict and post-conflict settings around the world. As we measure and celebrate what has been achieved over the past decade, we must not forget how hard we have fought to make it even this far and how much remains to be done. Most of the articles in the feature section on reproductive health for refugees and IDPs are based on  presentations to a major international conference held in Brussels in October 2003 organised by the Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium.


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Reproductive health for displaced people: investing in the future
FMR 19
January 2004


Samantha Guy and David del Vecchio

Addressing the reproductive health needs of conflictaffected young people
Julia Matthews and Sheri Ritsema

Lessons from a sexual reproductive health initiative for Tanzanian adolescents
Naomi Nyitambe, Marian Schilperoord and Roselidah Ondeko

Beyond the burqa: addressing the causes of maternal mortality in Afghanistan
Hernan del Valle

Reducing maternal mortality among repatriated populations along the Guatemala-Mexico border
Cristina Alonso, Laura Miranda, Sally Hughes and Lucy Fauveau

UN Process Indicators: key to measuring maternal mortality reduction
Janet Meyers, Samantha Lobis and Henia Dakkak

No product? No programme! The logistics of reproductive health supplies in conflict-affected settings
Paul Crystal and Lisa Ehrlich

The Global Gag on reproductive health rights
Ulla Margrethe Sandbæk

UNHCR’s work with refugees and HIV/AIDS: lessons learned
Paul B Spiegel and Alia Nankoe

Tackling HIV/AIDS in post-war Sierra Leone
compiled by the FMR editors from submissions by CARE, IRC and ARC

Gender-based violence in conflict-affected settings: overview of a multi-country research project
Jeanne Ward and Jessica Brewer

Supporting displaced communities to address gender-based violence
Beth Vann, Meriwether Beatty and Lisa Ehrlich

Understanding the causes of gender-based violence
Roselidah Ondeko and Susan Purdin

Colombia: IDP rights and reproductive health
Carlos Iván Pacheco Sánchez and Carolina Enríquez

Reproductive health care for Somali refugees in Yemen
Fowzia H Jaffer, Samantha Guy and Jane Niewczasinski

The value of pastoral care in Tanzania
Beryl Hutchison

Fertility and abortion: Burmese women’s health on the Thai-Burma border
Suzanne Belton and Cynthia Maung

General articles / regulars

Taking sides: the Iraq crisis and the future of humanitarianism
Antonio Donini

What’s the story? Reporting on asylum in the British media
Sara Buchanan and Bethan Grillo

Refugees in the new Johannesburg
Loren B Landau and Karen Jacobsen

Women Health Volunteers in Iran and Iraq
Emma Nicholson

“Parlez-vous l’anglais ou le swahili?” The role of interpreters in Refugee Status Determination interviews in Kenya
E Odhiambo-Abuya

RSC: Resumption of martial law in Aceh

UNHCR: The state of UNHCR’s organisational culture

NRC/Global IDP Project: Pre-ExCom report

Brookings-SAIS Project on Internal Displacement:

IDPs in Uganda – a forgotten crisis

Endnote: Building a future in Sierra Leone