Home for Good?

Challenges of return and reintegration
FMR 21
September 2004

This FMR’s feature section on the return and reintegration of people displaced by conflict or violations of their human rights outlines some of the many challenges that they face when making their decision to return. It also highlights some of the many strategies employed by the authorities or agencies supporting the displaced in order to ensure that return occurs in safety and dignity and that reintegration and recovery are sustainable.


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Home for Good? Challenges of return and reintegration
FMR 21
September 2004


Making return and reintegration sustainable, transparent and participatory
Betsy Lippman and John Rogge

Protection and support of spontaneously returning Sudanese
John Rogge

The 4Rs: the way ahead?
Betsy Lippman and Sajjad Malik

Restitution of land and property rights
Anne Davies

Post-conflict property restitution in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina: legal rationale and practical implementation
Rhodri Williams

Protecting displaced population from landmines – a call for joint action
Sayed Aqa, Katrin Kinzelbach, Oren Schlein and Pontus Ohrstedt

From emergency to development: assessing UNDP’s role in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Moises Venancio, Svetlana Pavelic, Sabina Zunic, Goran Vukmir and Massimo Diana

Learning lessons from IDP resettlement: villagisation in north-west Rwanda
Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt

Reintegration challenges for Burundi
compiled by the FMR editors

From warriors to peacemakers: people-to-people peacemaking in southern Sudan
Michael Ouko

The return and reintegration of ‘child soldiers’ in Sudan: the challenges ahead
Chris Robertson and Una McCauley

Return and resettlement in Liberia
Jessica Schultz

A closing window? Are Afghanistan’s IDPs being forgotten?
Pete Spink

Uzbek IDPs in western Afghanistan: to move onward, to stay or to return
Elca Stigter

Promoting sustainable return and integration of IDPs in Indonesia
Patrick Sweeting, George Conway and Nabila Hameed

CARERE/Seila – foundation stone for a new Cambodia
compiled by the FMR editors

General articles / Regulars

Speaker’s Corner
Why Médecins Sans Frontières has pulled out of Afghanistan - Anouk Delafortrie
Darfur: no quick fix - Alex de Waal

‘Hanging out’ with forced migrants: methodological and ethical challenges
Graeme Rodgers

Compassion and pragmatism: softening of Australian asylum policy?
Val Colic-Peisker

North Caucasus: upholding IDPs’ right to ‘voluntary’ return
Tullio Santini

The role of migrant organisations and personal networks in the Russian Federation
Moya Flynn

The Merowe Dam: controversy and displacement in Sudan
Ali K Askouri

The challenge of internal displacement in Africa
Bahame Tom Nyanduga

NRC: Housing and reintegration of amputees and war-wounded in Sierra Leone

Global IDP Project: International response to internal displacement – recent developments

Brookings-SAIS Project on Internal Displacement: A recipe to end internal displacement

UNHCR: Translating the 4Rs into an operational tool

Fritz Institute: Leveraging private expertise for humanitarian supply chains

Endnote: Laying down the guns