Return to peace

post-conflict realities
FMR 11
October 2001

The ten articles in the feature theme address a range of aspects of the ‘return to peace’, including the relationship between several concepts of truth, justice and reconciliation; women’s role in peace and in particular in Rwanda and the Balkans; and return and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Cambodia. The general articles in this issue look at resettlement, refugee protection in Dadaab, early warning in the Horn of Africa, and the semantics of asylum.


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Return to peace
FMR 11
October 2001


Truth, justice and reconciliation in early post-conflict society
Marcia Hartwell

Reinventing communities: the resettlement of Guatemalan refugees
Julie de Rivero

The UN Security Council addresses women’s role in peace
Maha Muna and Rachel Watson

Redefining the roles of women in post-genocide Rwanda
Diana Quick

Problems or partners? Working with women to rebuild the Balkans
Rachel Wareham and Diana Quick

Bosnia and Herzegovina: no future without reconciliation
Walpurga Englbrecht

Discontent with assistance to the Bosnian return process
Guy Hovey

Participatory planning in Cambodia: reconciling communities
Jon Bennett

The fragility of peace in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh
Thomas Feeny

The UNHCR Peace Education Programme: skills for life
Pamela Baxter

General articles / Regulars

Resettlement: a valuable tool in protecting refugee, internally displaced and trafficked women and girls
Alice Edwards

Protecting refugees in Dadaab: processes, problems and prospects
Jelvas Musau

Conflict early warning in the Horn of Africa: can it work?
Sharon Rusu

Mind your language: the semantics of asylum
Stephen Moss

Global IDP Project
A new UN response to IDPs? - Marc Vincent