Security at work

April 1999

This issue on security has a particular emphasis on the security of aid personnel. It also includes a number of responses – in the ‘Debate’ section – to Michael Barutciski’s article 'Tensions between the refugee concept and the IDP debate’ which was published in issue 3, and a range of short updates from around the world.


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Security at work
April 1999


NGO field security
Randolph Martin

Security training: where are we now?
Koenraad Van Brabant

Crayons and security
Sue Dwyer

Security in ICRC field operations
Philippe Dind

Acompañamiento in Colombia:
Luis Enrique Eguren

Homogenising humanitarian assistance to IDP communities
Simon Harris

Urbanisation and its discontents: urban refugees in Tanzania
Marc Sommers

The Itaparica Dam Project in north-eastern Brazil: models and reality
John Horgan


Responses to Michael Barutciski’s article, 'Tensions between the refugee concept and the IDP debate’ in issue 3

How tense is the tension between the refugee concept and the IDP debate?
Bonaventure Rutinwa

What may be borrowed; what is new?
Michael Kingsley-Nyinah

Rights and borders
Jon Bennett

Protection and assistance to IDPs
Marc Vincent

Questioning the tensions between the ‘refugee’ and ‘IDP’ concepts: a rebuttal
Michael Barutciski

General Articles / Regulars

Update - Violence and displacement in Indonesia
Jon Greenaway

Update - Colombia: targeting of local and international organisations
Eigil Olsen

Update - Humiliation simulation
CIRE (Coordination et initiatives pour réfugiés et étrangers)

Update - 40th anniversary of Tibetan uprising

Update - The Ethiopia-Eritrea war
Dr David Turton

Global IDP Survey news
The Guiding Principles and the concept of protection

Marc Vincent