September 11th: has anything changed?

FMR 13
June 2002

This special issue of FMR has been produced in collaboration with the Migration Policy Institute, Washington DC. We felt that the implications for refugees and IDPs of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and the events which followed were so significant that they warranted changing our publishing schedule to accommodate this additional issue. It is perhaps too soon to define the broad historical significance of 11 September 2001. However, for refugees and internally displaced persons, as for those who work with them or who study forced migration, it is already clear that the terrorists’ strikes on the United States on 11 September hit hard at certain fundamentals. There is a new sense of vulnerability in the West, and the ensuing ‘war on terrorism’ has caused new obstacles to be put in place for people seeking asylum outside their own countries, tempting governments into labelling any forceful opposition as ‘terrorism’.


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September 11: Has anything changed?
FMR 13
June 2002


Special section

Migration Policy Institute Guest Editors

Afghanistan: conflict and displacement 1978 to 2001
Hiram A Ruiz

Hope on the brink
Filippo Grandi

Civil military relations in Afghanistan
compiled by Tim Morris

Foreign policy considerations in dealing with Afghanistan's refugees: when security and protection collide
Joanne van Selm

Receiving Afghanistan's asylum seekers: Australia, the Tampa 'Crisis' and refugee protection
William Maley

Afghan refugees in Europe
A-R Faquiri

Afghanistan and the challenges of humanitarian action in time of war
Roberta Cohen

Reinvigorating resettlement: changing realities demand changed approaches
John Fredriksson (with case study by Marta Bivak and Ceri Oeppen)

Exclusion, terrorism and the Refugee Convention
Monette Zard

Screening in mass influxes: the challenge of exclusion and separation
Bonaventure Rutinwa

What does it take to rebuild a state?
Paula R Newberg

Security and the ethics of asylum after 11 September
Matthew J Gibney

Further reflections

Palestinians in the aftermath of 11 September: wishing refugees out of existence?
Abbas Shiblak

Post 11 September jitters for Iraqi Kurds
Maggy Zanger


Lessening tensions in a tumultuous world: The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies
HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal