Sexual violence

weapon of war, impediment to peace
FMR 27
January 2007

FMR 27 explores the challenges and opportunities for combating sexual violence in conflict, post-conflict and development recovery contexts. Produced in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), it builds on momentum generated by the June 2006 International Symposium on Sexual Violence in Conflict and Beyond jointly convened by UNFPA, the European Commission and the Government of Belgium. Practice-oriented submissions from 40 specialists from a wide range of humanitarian agencies highlight key issues and challenges, best practices, innovative programmes and recommendations.


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This issue of FMR is complemented by a Forced Migration Online guide to GBV resources.

Sexual violence: weapon of war, impediment to peace
FMR 27
January 2007


Thoraya Ahmed Obaid

Worldwide coalition against sexual violence
Armand De Decker

International responsibilities
Jan Egeland

An urgent issue of public health and human rights
Manuel Carballo

The European Union: a strategic approach
Lieve Fransen

UN Security Council Resolution 1325
Jackie Kirk and Suzanne Taylor

The theatre of war
Brigitte M Holzner and Dominique-Claire Mair

Sexual violence: weapon of war
Katie Thomas

Challenges to effective protection
Rose Kimotho

Traumatic fistula: the case for reparations
Arletty Pinel and Lydiah Kemunto Bosire

Assisting children born of sexual exploitation and abuse
Lauren Rumble and Swati B Mehta

Sexual violence against men and boys
Wynne Russell

Sexual violence and HIV/AIDS transmission
Jennifer Klot and Pam DeLargy

Integrating protection into food aid
Mariangela Bizzarri

Conflict-driven violence against girls in Africa
Florence Tercier Holst-Roness

Overcoming challenges related to data collection and measurement Ireland takes action
Vivienne Forsythe and Angela O’Neill De Guilio

Sexual violence in the media
Judith Matloff

Frameworks for response
Noeleen Heyzer

From words to action
Rima Salah

Liberia’s Gender-Based Violence National Action Plan
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Zero tolerance for Liberian rapists
Lois Bruthus

Challenging Liberian attitudes towards violence against women
June Munala

Through our eyes: participatory video in West Africa
Tegan Molony, Zeze Konie and Lauren Goodsmith

Fighting gender-based violence in South Sudan
Lona Elia

Sexual violence and firewood collection in Darfur
Erin Patrick

Listening to the women of Darfur Women’s centres: spaces of empowerment in Darfur
Carmen Lowry

Sudanese women acting to end sexual violence
Fahima A Hashim

Sexual violence in South Kivu, Congo
Claudia Rodriguez

In their own words

Addressing sexual violence in post-conflict Burundi
Nona Zicherman

Creating safe spaces: lessons from South Africa and Burundi
Christine Lebrun and Katharine Derderian

Uganda: early marriage as a form of sexual violence
Noah Gottschalk

Establishing services in post-conflict Sierra Leone
Amie-Tejan Kellah

Trauma response and prevention: precondition for peace and justice
Selmin Çalýþkan

Time to end violence against Palestinian women and girls
FMR editors

Involving men on the Thai-Burma border
Melissa Alvarado and Benny Paul

Demobilisation and sexual violence in Colombia
Gunhild Schwitalla and Luisa Maria Dietrich

Justice for survivors in Peru
Flor de María Valdez-Arroyo

General articles / Regulars

Iraq’s neglected humanitarian crisis
Andrew Harper

IDPs from Kosovo still awaiting durable solutions
Anika Krstic

Out of Africa: misrepresenting Sudan’s ‘Lost Boys’
Brandy Witthoft

From Somalia to Yemen: great dangers, few prospects
Hanno (J H) van Gemund

Comprehensive reproductive health in crises: from vision to reality
Therese McGinn and Samantha Guy

Displacement and difference in Lubumbashi
Aurelia Wa Kabwe-Segatti and Loren B Landau

Listening to individual voices
Siobhan Warrington and Anne-Sophie Lois

Global welfare: dream or reality?
John Mitchell and Hugo Slim

Shattered dreams of Sudanese refugees in Cairo
Hala W Mahmoud

Generations in exile from Africa’s last colony
Ronnie Hansen, Norwegian Refugee Council

New informal mechanism to follow up UN IDP missions
Jens-Hagen Eschenbächer, Internal Displacment Monitoring Centre

Uganda’s IDP policy
Joy Miller, Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement

Moving on, not settling down
Roger Zetter, Refugee Studies Centre

Brussels Call to Action