published June 2007


Antonio Guterres

UN’s role in Iraq
Ashraf Jehangir Qazi

Iraq bleeds: the remorseless rise of violence and displacement
Ashraf al-Khalidi and Victor Tanner

Iraq: the search for solutions
José Riera and Andrew Harper

A tragedy of increasing proportions: internal displacement in Iraq
Walter Kälin

An unenviable task
Abed Al-Samad Rahman Sultan

The world must shoulder Iraq refugee burden
Mukhaimer Abu Jamous

Iraqi refugees in Syria
Faisal al-Miqdad

Vincent Cochetel

The EU should help Iraqi refugees
Gunilla Carlsson and Tobias Billström

Iraqis denied right to asylum
Bill Frelick

Delivering is never remote: NGOs’ vital role
FMR authors

Responding to Iraq’s ever-deepening violence
Robert Zimmerman

Iraqis defend humanitarianism
Greg Hansen

Iraqi refugees in Lebanon: continuous lack of protection
Samira Trad and Ghida Frangieh

Military-induced displacement
Dina Abou Samra

Tackling sexual violence, abuse and exploitation
Henia Dakkak

Iraq’s women under pressure
Nadje Al-Ali

Iraq’s children pay the price of war
Leila Billing

The plight of the Iraqi Christians
Nineb Lamassu

Education crisis for Iraqi children
J R A Williams

Insufficient world focus on Iraqi IDPs
Peter Medway

The Iraqi Red Crescent
Jamal Al-Karboli

Vital role of legal assistance for displaced Iraqis
Olivier Beucher

IOM – building Iraqi capacity and assisting IDPs
Dana Graber Ladek

Humanitarian situation in Iraq
Rianne ten Veen