FMR 32
April 2009

A stateless person is someone who is not recognised as a national by any state. They therefore have no nationality or citizenship and are unprotected by national legislation, leaving them vulnerable in ways that most of us never have to consider. This latest issue of FMR includes 22 articles by academic, international and local actors debating the challenges faced by stateless people and the search for appropriate responses and solutions.

The issue also includes 17 articles on other aspects of forced migration, among which are a mini-feature (comprising four articles) on refugee status determination and articles on European migration policies, Colombia, Ecuador, disaster IDPs, Europe-Africa cooperation, trafficking in Iran, cash grants for refugees and reproductive health care in emergencies.


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We would like to thank the following who have provided funding specifically for this issue: the US Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM); the Open Society Justice Initiative; the European Union; the Statelessness Unit of UNHCR’s Division of International Protection Services; and UNHCR’s Africa Bureau.


You may also be interested in the Refugee Studies Centre Policy Briefing Statelessness, protection and equality. This  policy brief provides a context and typology of stateless people, before examining the international law and jurisprudence as well as human rights discourse and policy that concern them.


FMR 32
April 2009


From the editors

Feature: Statelessness

Statelessness: what it is and why it matters
Indira Goris, Julia Harrington and Sebastian Köhn

UNHCR and responses to statelessness
Mark Manly and Santhosh Persaud

North Arakan: an open prison for the Rohingya in Burma
Chris Lewa

We have no soil under our feet
Kristy Crabtree

Ethiopia-Eritrea: statelessness and state succession
Katherine Southwick

Am I stateless because I am a nomad?
Ekuru Aukot

Kenyan Nubians: standing up to statelessness
Adam Hussein Adam

The Universal Birth Registration campaign
Simon Heap and Claire Cody

Contesting discrimination and statelessness in the Dominican Republic
Bridget Wooding

Advocacy campaigns and policy development
Brad Blitz

Reducing de facto statelessness in Nepal
Paul White

The end of Bihari statelessness
Khalid Hussain

Childhood statelessness
Maureen Lynch and Melanie Teff

Stateless persons from Thailand in Japan
Chie Komai and Fumie Azukizawa

Combatting statelessness: a government perspective
Nicole Green and Todd Pierce

No place to go: statelessness in Israel
Oded Feller

The lost tribes of Arabia
Abbas Shiblak

Nowhere people
Greg Constantine

The legal limbo of detention
Katherine Perks and Jarlath Clifford

Displaced Kosovo Roma and property rights
Jose-Maria Arraiza and Linda Öhman

Stateless Roma in Macedonia
Joanne van Selm

Remember the forgotten, protect the unprotected
Gábor Gyulai

Statelessness and the right to citizenship
Matthew J Gibney

General articles / Regulars

UNHCR and individual refugee status determination
Richard Stainsby

Refugee status determination: three challenges
Martin Jones

Refugee status determination in southern Africa
Michael S Gallagher

Refugee protection in Turkey
Rachel Levitan

An institutional gap for disaster IDPs
Roberta Cohen

Unmet refugee needs: Colombian refugees in Ecuador
Marie-Hélène Verney

Europe-Africa cooperation in Mali
Louis Michel

Towards an EU-wide regularisation scheme
Alexandra Strang

Return and re-admission in states’ migration policies
Jean-Pierre Cassarino

Iran: migrant smuggling and trafficking in persons
Nasim Sadat Hosseini-Divkolaye

RAISE: Reproductive health-care provision in emergencies: preventing needless suffering
Maaike van Min

UNHCR: On the money
Vicky Tennant and Franziska Troeger

Brookings-Bern: Internal displacement and peacebuilding in Colombia
Elizabeth Ferris

NRC: One last chance for Colombia’s victims
Jacob Rothing and Richard Skretteberg

IDMC: Stateless former farm workers in Zimbabwe
Katinka Ridderbos