Prospects for peace
FMR 24
November 2005

The November 2005 issue of FMR provides an opportunity for reflection and debate on the protection, return and reintegration of displaced Sudanese and the opportunities for building a new Sudan.

Two key actors in the peace process have assisted the editors: Professor Francis Deng (former Sudanese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and from 1992 to 2004 the Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Internally Displaced Persons) and Jon Bennett, UN Team Leader, Joint Assessment Mission (JAM), Sudan.


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The special issue – the longest ever issue of our magazine - presents 36 articles written by Northern and Southern representatives of the Government of National Unity, the UN, World Bank, Sudanese and international NGOs and representatives of diaspora communities. Supported by key Sudanese and international policymakers, the project informs a wider audience - in Sudan, the diaspora, the humanitarian and donor communities and the general public - of the mechanisms by which reconciliation has been promoted, the implications of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and challenges for the six-year transitional period.

Financial support from the US Institute of Peace, UNDP Sudan and UNICEF Sudan is enabling many thousands of additional copies to be distributed, in Arabic and in English, inside Sudan. 30 November sees simultaneous launch events in Khartoum (hosted by UNDP), in Juba and in the House of Commons, London (hosted by the UK Associate Parliamentary Group for Sudan).

Sudan: prospects for peace
FMR 24
November 2005


African renaissance: towards a New Sudan
Francis M Deng

Joint Assessment Mission provides road-map for peace
Jon Bennett

Reflections on making peace: interview
Dr Taj es-Sir Mahjoub and Christoph T Jaeger

The role of the international community
Gunnar M Sørbø

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement: will it also be dishonoured?
Luka Biong Deng

Developmental transformation and peace consolidation in southern Sudan
Jeni Klugman and Emily Gosse Kallaur

Reflections on the Joint Assessment Mission
Michael Kevane

Standing up for JAM partnerships
Jeni Klugman and Maude Svensson

Land and the Sudanese transition to peace
Domenico Polloni

Pledges versus commitments
Toby Lanzer

Perspectives on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement
Endre Stiansen

Could peace unravel?
Suliman Baldo

NGO coordination in south Sudan
Adele Sowinska & Wendy Fenton

Promoting the rule of law in post-conflict Sudan
Yasmine Sherif

Sustainable IDP/refugee return depends on collaborative approach
Sajjad Malik

The reality of return: IDPs in Darfur
Mathijs Le Rutte

Assisting the return of displaced Dinka Bor
Paul Murphy

Epic trek of Mabia IDPs
William Lorenz

IDPs and urban planning in Khartoum
Agnès de Geoffroy

Information, counselling and legal assistance for returning IDPs
Sonia Di Mezza

Time to strengthen protection of IDPs
Walter Kälin

Challenges facing returnees in Sudan
Judy McCallum & Gizenga Willow

Towards a culture of human rights in Darfur
Joseph Aguettant

Sudanese women waging peace
Rogaia Abusharaf

From Afghanistan to Sudan: how peace risks marginalising women
Lina Abirafeh

Sudanese women’s role in peacemaking
Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda and Grace Okonji

Diaspora women and peace
Nada Mustafa M Ali

Tackling HIV/AIDS
Shannon Egan

Separated children in south Sudan
Una McCauley

Gender, education and peace in southern Sudan
Jackie Kirk

Education crisis in south Sudan
Tim Brown

A local approach to peace in Torit, south Sudan
Jeannie Annan and Christine Pagen

The Sudanese peace process and the media
David Campbell and Kate Lloyd Morgan

Peace, democracy and the environment
Peter Bosshard and Nick Hildyard

Sudan: world’s greatest humanitarian transport challenge
Rob McConnell

Beja sidelined by peace process
Suliman Salih Dirar

Encounter with a fighter
Ellen Lammers

General articles / Regulars

Mexico Plan of Action: protecting refugees through international solidarity
William Spindler

Statelessness: a forgottem human rights crisis
Bill Frelick and Maureen Lynch

Addressing sexual and gender-based violence
Bill van Esveld & Kirsten Young

North-east India’s forgotten IDPs
Monirul Hussain

The Zambia Initiative
Masaki Watabe

IRIN marks its first decade
Joanne Clark

Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement: IDPs in the Balkans

Global IDP Project: Training on the Guiding Principles in Aceh

Refugee Studies Centre: Another talkshop or the seeds of an effective southern African IDP policy?

Gurtong Peace Project and House of Nationalities