Sustainable livelihoods

seeds of success?
FMR 20
May 2004

The articles in this edition of FMR illustrate the vast amount of research and work done on the theme of refugee livelihoods. We now need to shift from high-level abstract dimensions of development towards a focus on the refugees themselves and how they seek to construct their own livelihoods. All too often, organisations have developed programmes for refugees with little or no understanding of their capabilities and strategies.


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Sustainable livelihoods: seeds of success?
FMR 20
May 2004


Mainstreaming livelihoods support: the Refugee Livelihoods Project
Carrie Conway

Challenges to the efective implementation of microfinance programmes in refugee settings
Jason Phillips

Microcredit: an ‘oxygen infusion for a better life’
Merethe Kvernröd

Credit-based livelihood interventions in a Zambian refugee camp
Jane Travis

Microfinance and refugees
Dominik Bartsch

Recapitalising Liberia: principles for providing grants and loans for microenterprise development
John Tucker, Tim Nourse, Rob Gailey, Dave Park and Stephen Bauman

Food aid and livelihoods: challenges and opportunities in complex emergencies
Valerie Guarnieri

Livelihoods of former deportees in Ukraine
Greta Uehling

Protection versus promotion of IDP livelihoods in Colombia
Antonio Hill

Marketing refugee skills: an Oxford success story
Rachel Wiggans

Livelihood strategies of urban refugees in Kampala
Michela Macchiavello

Survival to livelihood strategies for Mozambican refugees in South Africa
Frederick Golooba-Mutebi and Stephen M Tollman

The forgotten Palestinians: how Palestinian refugees survive in Egypt
Oroub al Abed

Learning from empowerment of Sri Lankan refugees in India
K C Saha

Livelihood opportunities for Sudanese refugees
Leben Nelson Moro

Skills training for youth
Barry Sesnan, Graham Wood, Marina L Anselme and Ann Avery

General articles / Regulars

Speaker’s Corner: Convention Plus — better protection for refugees?
Manisha Thomas and Ed Schenkenberg van Mierop

The experiences of women in Australian immigration detention centres
Yvette Zurek

Where there is no information: IDP vulnerability assessments in Sri Lanka’s borderlands
Danesh Jayatilaka and Robert Muggah

Bridging the national and international response to IDPs
Peter Neussl

The Internal Displacement Unit – OCHA

UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention & Recovery

Age and gender bias in Russia’s assistance to forced migrants?
Larisa Kosygina

UNHCR: How can we obtain the information we need about refugees?

Brookings-SAIS Project on Internal Displacement: National responsibility for internal displacement in the Americas

NRC: Youth Education Pack: an investment in the future

Global IDP Project: Global Overview

Refugee Studies Centre: Voices of conflict

Endnote: Dark Dreams