UNHCR & the Convention at 50

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FMR 10
April 2001

The 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees falls this year, offering the occasion to reflect on the Convention’s continuing relevance. How well has the 1951 Convention served the cause of protection of refugees? Is it out of sync with the times? In what ways can the international refugee regime be strengthened to meet contemporary concerns relating to the globalisation of migration? The articles here respond to these and other questions. It is fair to state that they reflect an overwhelming consensus that whatever new approaches are proposed to actualise the goal of refugee protection and the management of migration, these must accept the centrality of the 1951 Convention.


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UNHCR & the Convention at 50
FMR 10
April 2001


B S Chimni

The Convention at 50: the way ahead for refugee protection
Erika Feller

Global migration and asylum
Gerry Van Kessel

After the Cold War: asylum and the refugee concept move on
Guy S Goodwin-Gill

Ireland: from Emerald Isle to island mentality
Maura Leen

Integration or alienation?
Tarig Misbah Yousif

Legal protection of refugees in South Asia
Chowdhury R Abrar

International and national responses to the plight of IDPs
Francis Deng and Dennis McNamara

UNHCR and the erosion of refugee protection
Gil Loescher

UNHCR and the ethics of repatriation
Michael Barnett

Return to Prijedor: politics and UNHCR
Ayaki Ito

Rights and accountability
Leanne MacMillan and Lars Olsson

UNHCR and emergencies: a new role or back to basics?
John Telford

UNHCR and forgotten emergencies: can funds be found?
Amelia Bookstein

UNHCR in Guinea
Father John Agberagba

General Articles / Regulars

Global IDP Project 50
Humanitarian NGOs cannot act alone in protecting the displaced
Marc Vincent