When does internal displacement end?

FMR 17
May 2003

“When does internal displacement end?” is a question frequently posed by policy -makers, practitioners and researchers engaged with the internally displaced, but which lacks a clear answer. Through this feature section of this FMR, we have tapped into the thinking of an array of experts on various different aspects of the subject. The aim is to provide guidance on when displacement ends to UN and other international agencies, as well as governments, NGOs, researchers and, certainly, internally displaced persons themselves.


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When does internal displacement end?
FMR 17
May 2003


Erin Mooney

Cessation of refugee status: a guide for determining when internal displacement ends?
Rafael Bonoan

Displacement without end: internally displaced who can't go home
Bill Frelick

A UNHCR perspective
Guillermo Bettocchi and Raquel Freitas

The legal dimension
Walter Kälin

National legislation
Christophe Beau

Looking beyond emergency response
Patricia Weiss Fagen

The role of protection in ending displacement
Roberta Cohen

The question not asked: when does displacement end?
Michael M Cernea

Burundi: out of sight, out of mind?
Susan Martin

Colombia: the end of displacement or the end of attention?
Amelia Fernández and Roberto Vidal López

Rwanda: narrowing criteria cannot solve IDP problems
Greta Zeender

Sierra Leone: resettlement doesn't always end displacement
Claudia McGoldrick

Sri Lanka: on the edge of ending internal displacement?
Rupasingha A Ariyaratne

Indonesia: confusing deadlines
Christopher R Duncan

The southern Caucasus experience
Marco Borsotti

General articles

Iraq: dilemmas in contingency planning
Clare Graham

Domestic violence on the Thai-Burma border: international human rights implications
Caroline Lambert and Sharon Pickering

Benchmarks and yardsticks for humanitarian action: broadening the picture
Koenraad Van Brabant

Urban refugees in Mauritania
Channe Lindstrom