Popular participation in FMR issue 38 design!

How should we illustrate ‘technology, communications and displacement’ for the front cover of this issue? We had lots of ideas but we are not graphics artists ourselves so we decided to use a version of ‘crowdsourcing’ to get help. We asked some of the authors if they knew anyone… they then put the word out and we got a stream of designs and enthusiasm back at very short notice. The students on a graphics course at the University of Medellín in Colombia took it up en masse.

Out of all the designs we received, we chose one idea for the front cover, took another graphic for the back cover – and decided to put a selection of the rest here.

The overall ‘winners’ were Andrea Ramírez Pérez (lapeliandrea10b@gmail.com) for the front cover design and Valentina Arango Eastman (valen_135@hotmail.com) for the back cover. Both are students of Graphic Communication and Advertising at the University of Medellín, Colombia.

Many thanks to all of those who contributed their time and creativity.

Alejandra Suárez Cardona Ana María Agudelo Pineda Ana María Valencia Bedoya
Ana Milena Calle Ana Sofía Rúa Restrepo Andrea Ramírez Pérez
Annabel Alafriz Annabel Alafriz Catalina García
David Zapata Madrid Isabel Cristina Amaya Muñoz Jhordan Castrillon
José Javier Castro Hurtado Juan Pablo Muriel Muñoz Juan Pablo Rodas Uribe
Juliana%20Castan%CC%83o%20Hernandez.JPG Katia%20Go%CC%81mez%20Llano.JPG
Juliana Castaño Hernandez Katia Gómez Llano Lorena Palacio
Lukas Cadena Melo