From the editors

We had not expected to be publishing yet another issue of FMR under COVID-19 restrictions – and to be welcoming new Co-Editor Alice Philip to the team without even being able to meet in person! But thanks to the collaboration of our authors and donors, we are pleased to be able to present the latest issue with its three features.

The main feature on Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) seems particularly timely during the current pandemic when the mental health impacts of displacement are distressingly compounded by the impact of COVID-19. The 15 articles in this feature explore the importance of MHPSS and the challenges inherent in this field, debate MHPSS initiatives and their application in different contexts, and advocate for strengthened collaboration and commitment – and new ways of thinking.

The authors in our Data and displacement feature discuss recent advances in gathering and using data, the challenges that remain, and new approaches, including in the face of pandemic-imposed restrictions.

Unknown numbers of migrants die or disappear during their perilous journeys, and their families are often left in limbo. In our Missing migrants feature, authors explore initiatives to improve data gathering and sharing, identification of remains, and assistance for families left behind.

We would like to thank Alastair Ager, Julia Black, Kate Dearden, James Eaton-Lee, Matthew Gibney, Rachel Hastie, Maurice Herson, Maryanne Loughry and Domenico Tabasso for their assistance with this issue, and all those funders who have provided financial support for this issue in particular and for FMR in general.

This magazine and the accompanying Editors’ briefing are available online and in print at They will also be available in Arabic and Spanish. Unfortunately, shortage of funding means we are unable to publish this issue in French.

Forthcoming: Our next issue will include a major feature on Public health and WASH, and a shorter feature on Non-signatory States and the international refugee regime. For details, see

With best wishes

Marion Couldrey and Alice Philip
Editors, Forced Migration Review


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