Feature on Trafficking and smuggling – introduction

Since we published an issue on human trafficking in 2006, increased reporting of both trafficking and smuggling has triggered renewed attention around the growing impact of, and the links between, these related but distinct phenomena. The articles in this feature explore some of the current challenges, misconceptions, insights and innovations in these fields.

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The same ruler for everyone: improving trafficking estimates
Joshua Youle and Abigail Long (Everwatch Solutions Corporation/Cherokee Nation Mission Solutions/US State Department)

Understanding the psychological effects of sex trafficking to inform service delivery
Jennifer McQuaid (Yale Center for Asylum Medicine)

Addressing trafficking in the sex industry: time to recognise the contribution of sex workers
Borislav Gerasimov (Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women)

The return of vulnerable asylum seekers to Italy: protecting victims of trafficking
Lucia Della Torre, Adriana Romer and Margarite Zoeteweij (Swiss Refugee Council OSAR)

Trafficking, ritual oaths and criminal investigations
Ana Dols García (Independent)

Civil litigation on behalf of trafficking survivors: a new approach to accountability?
Henry Wu (University of Oxford)

Challenging the so-called trafficking–terror finance nexus
Craig Damian Smith (Ryerson University)

Tackling exploitation through ‘technology for freedom’
Christa Foster Crawford and Ashley Kafton (Freedom Resource International / Ohio University)

Smuggling and trafficking from Vietnam to Europe
Mimi Vu and Nadia Sebtaoui (Independent trafficking experts)

Migrant ‘caravans’ in Mexico and the fight against smuggling
Eduardo Torre Cantalapiedra (Cátedras Conacyt–El Colegio de la Frontera Norte)

The adverse effects of Niger’s anti-smuggling law
Colleen Moser (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)

Tackling smuggling in the Balkans: policy lessons
Charles Simpson (Tufts University)


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