We were challenged while producing FMR 35 (focusing on Disability and displacement) to think more about how to make FMR more accessible to those with visual disabilities. Since then we have been posting all articles online (in all four languages) in a format usable by screen-readers, as well as in our usual pdf format. We also produce audio versions of the English articles in most issues.

You will find links to software to aid accessibility below and at the bottom of the main page for each issue.

This website is also designed to enable easy adjustment by users of accessibility options within browsers and on a variety of platforms.

If you think there are ways we could – simply – improve the accessibility of FMR, please do email us at 

Links to free software to aid accessibility

Natural Reader
Text to speech conversion. Can be run as a discrete toolbar within programmes.
Text to speech conversion, which can be saved as either MP3 or WAV files.
Text to speech conversion for large volumes of text, splitting the text into manageable 'chapters'. Provides MP3 conversion.

Plug in for Microsoft Word which speaks and highlights text within a document.