Armed non-state actors and displacement


Militia, freedom fighters, rebels, terrorists, paramilitaries, revolutionaries, guerrillas, gangs, quasi-state bodies... and many other labels. In this issue of FMR we look at all of these, at actors defined as being armed and being ‘non-state’ – that is to say, without the full responsibilities and obligations of the state.

Some of these armed non-state actors behave responsibly and humanely, at least some of the time. Others seem to have no regard for the damage, distress or deaths that they cause – and may actually use displacement as a deliberate tactic – in pursuit of their goals of power, resources or justice. This issue of FMR looks at a variety of such actors, at their behaviours and at efforts to bring them into frameworks of responsibility and accountability.

This issue of FMR is published in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

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Front cover image
We gave a lot of thought to the image for the front cover of this issue of FMR. We did not want to have guns, nor did we want to either glorify or condemn those who carry them through the image we carried. What we wanted to focus on was the damage caused in people’s lives by armed confrontation.