RPN 18 - Burning Issues
published January 1995


  1. Population movements and the environment by Steve Lonergan
  2. Are there environmental refugees? by JoAnn McGregor
  3. Stoves, trees and refugees: the Fuelwood Crisis Consortium in Zimbabwe by Gus Le Breton
  4. The environment, cooking fuel and UN Resolution 46/182 by E LaMont-Gregory
  5. The environment of refugee camps: a challenge for refugees, local populations and aid agencies by Thomas Hoerz
  6. The internally displaced of Peru: the option of return for communities in Huanta Province, Ayacucho by David Westwood
  7. Development in a refugee situation: the case of Rwandan refugees in northern Tanzania by Richard Reynolds


  8. Floods hit Saharawi refugees in north west Algeria by John Howe
  9. Stateless persons and the 1989 Comprehensive Plan of Action by Tang Lay Lee
  10. Plight of Ugandan refugees in the United Arab Emirates
  11. The People's Communities in Resistance in Peten, Guatemala