RPN 19 - NGOs and Host Governments
published May 1995


  1. Regulating the nongovernmental sector: the dilemma by Eddie AdiinYaansah and Barbara Harrell-Bond
  2. Legislation in Croatia: a letter from Zagreb - under construction
  3. NGO legislation: the Sri Lanka case by Koen Van Brabant
  4. The NGO Code of Conduct: NGO obligations towards governments [plus text of Code]by Jon Bennett
  5. The role of voluntary agencies in development: a recipient's perspective by Richard Laing
  6. NGOs and the subcontracting of humanitarian relief by Mark Duffield
  7. Enhancing the capacity of local NGOs in refugee assistance: experience from Malawi & Zimbabwe by Roger Zetter
  8. Resettling the displaced: development affected people by Chris McDowell


  9. 'Yit hae': Hong Kong's Vietnamese refugee camps by Tom Solomon
  10. The Wall: asylum-seekers in Japan by Saul Takahashi
  11. On the Burma border by Crystal Ashley-duVerglas