RPN 21 - Education and Training
published April 1996


  1. The 'It's too theoretical' syndrome by Dr Eftihia Voutira
  2. Education: the least of UNHCR's priorities? UNHCR responds
  3. Combining research with educational intervention by Dr Heloisa Szymanski
  4. Participatory planning with disaster victims: Experience from Maharashtra, India by Meera Kaul Shah
  5. Rehabilitating the host environment a participatory approach to forestry intervention by Charles O Nyandiga
  6. Education and refugees in Spain: an overview by Dr Agustín Velloso
  7. What's schooling for? The Vietnamese in the British educational system by Dr Tom Lam and Dr Christopher Martin
  8. Education and the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon - a lost generation? by Lina Abu-Habib
  9. Literacy for refugee women: a case study from Nepal by Tahmina Rahman
  10. Palaces for children: education in the refugee camps of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) by Agustín Velloso
  11. Community-based adult education in Kenya's coastal refugee camps by Ann Avery
  12. The impact of return migration: the case of Chile by Helia Lopez Zarzosa