RPN 23 - The role of the military in humanitarian work
published January-April 1997


  1. Use of UN peacekeeping forces for humanitarian purposes by Adam Roberts
  2. Conflict and cooperation in Bosnia by Karen Koning AbuZayd
  3. Civic action in Cambodia: the role of UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) by Robin Davies
  4. The Role of the Military in Humanitarian Emergencies: reflections by Nicholas Stockton
  5. Where there is no peace: the efficiency and ethics of the UN peacekeeping forces by Rita Reddy
  6. Beyond humanitarian relief: economic development efforts in northern Iraq by Jeffrey S Pilkington
  7. Improving military and civilian cooperation in humanitarian relief operations by Jeffrey S Pilkington
  8. Protection and intervention in Haiti by Charles Arthur
  9. Humanitarian aid: economic implications and consequences by Robin Davies