RPN 24 - Children and Youth
published September 1997


  1. Putting children first by Murray Last
  2. The protection of children in zones of conflict by Iain Levine
  3. Children uprooted by war: Angola and Sierra Leone by Mary Diaz
  4. The UN study on the impact of armed conflict of children plus UNICEF and UNHCR responses
  5. The protection of unaccompanied children in large-scale refugee and repatriation emergencies by Ulla Blomqvist
  6. Restoring playfulness: El Salvador and Yugoslavia by David Tolfree
  7. Promoting psychosocial wellbeing among children affected by armed conflict and displacement
  8. Emergencies in the CEE/CIS by Maarit Hirvonen
  9. Safe places for youth by Angela Raven-Roberts and Bruce Dick
  10. Countries of asylum: responses to the needs of refugee youth (Sweden and US)
  11. A voice for children in the Western Saharan refugee camps