You and FMR

We welcome your engagement with FMR in a variety of ways.

Write for FMR
If you have valuable experience to share, or a new perspective on a current debate, consider writing for FMR. You don’t have to be an experienced author – share your ideas with us and we will advise you. For more information, see our ‘Writing for FMR’ guidelines.

Promote FMR
To be useful, FMR must be ‘out there’, and we appreciate any help you can give in getting it out there. FMR’s extensive outreach is due in great part to the enthusiasm and energy of FMR readers around the world – who circulate our calls for articles, forward links to new issues, request print copies for use at conferences and for training purposes, blog about the latest issue, tweet and Facebook us…  Could you help in any of these ways? Email us if you need print copies and/or promotional material.

We encourage the reproduction and onward dissemination of FMR material. To protect our work and that of our authors, however, we have a Creative Commons licence which carries some simple conditions.

Fund FMR
We welcome contributions of any amount, whether earmarked for a specific themed issue or non-earmarked. Although housed within the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University, FMR is a semi-autonomous project dependent on raising its own funds for all of its work.

We are currently seeking funding for several of our forthcoming issues, and we offer donors a range of profile opportunities. Please consider whether you or your organisation could support FMR’s work  – see our 'Budgets and Funding' page for details.

Advertise in FMR
With its global dissemination, FMR can be a very effective vehicle for advertising, whether through a full- or part-page advertisement in the magazine or through inclusion of a flyer in a mailing. Email the Editors at for evidence of advertising impact and our very competitive rates.

Suggest new themes
We are always open to suggestions for themes to cover, whether as a full issue of FMR or a mini-feature – or just an article. Email us at with your ideas. If you want to propose a full issue of FMR on a particular theme, it would also be helpful if you could send suggestions for potential donors for that issue.