Forced Migration Review – 25th Anniversary collection

The FMR 25th Anniversary collection of articles – now available as individual articles and also gathered into one pdf – looks back over 25 years of debate, learning and advocacy for the rights of displaced and stateless people, and considers where we are now in relation to some of the themes covered in FMR. We invited a selection of former guest editors, authors and donors to write on developments, lessons, challenges, gaps – and their thoughts about the future for displaced people and our sector.

In November 1987 the first issue of a newsletter was published by the Refugee Studies Centre in response to a call for a forum for information exchange between researchers and practitioners. That newsletter, originally called the Refugee Participation Network newsletter, became Forced Migration Review and is still going strong today, 25 years later.

It is now published in four languages and is read around the world at all levels of the international research and humanitarian communities and by many displaced people. Since 1987, we have published some 78 issues and supplements.

This collection is available only in English online but is not available in print. Please feel free to download the pdf and print off your own copy.

(A higher-res version is available to download at  )

We would like to thank all those who have read RPN/FMR, used it, written for it, advised the editors, funded it and distributed it over the years.