Feature on Climate crisis and local communities

Local communities around the world have been coping with the effects of a changing climate for decades. The articles published in this feature focus on the impact on local communities, their coping strategies, lessons arising, and broader questions of access, rights and justice.

This 36-page feature is available online in English at www.fmreview.org/issue64 both within the full magazine and as a standalone A5-format PDF.

All the articles except for two are also available in the shorter Arabic, Spanish and French editions of this issue.

We would like to thank the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Manila, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, UNHCR Division of Resilience and Solutions and the Australian Research Council Linkage project ‘Transformative human mobilities in a changing climate’ for their generous funding support for this issue of FMR.

Resilience, adaptation and learning: Malian refugees and their Mauritanian hosts
Fouda Ndikintum and Mohamed Ag Malha (UNHCR / Refugee Council, Mbera Camp)

Environmental challenges and local strategies in Western Sahara
Matthew Porges (University of St Andrews)

Climate-induced involuntary migration: nomadic-pastoralists’ search for elusive pastures in Kenya
Ekai Nabenyo (Article 43)

Community strategies for diversification in Ethiopia
Pablo Cortés Ferrández (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre)

Trapped or resettled: coastal communities in the Sundarbans Delta, India
Shaberi Das and Sugata Hazra (Jadavpur University)

Climate crisis and local communities in South East Asia: causes, responses and questions of justice
Laura Geiger (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)

Lessons from internal climate migration in Mongolia
Simon Schoening (Consultant/Humboldt University of Berlin)

Climate crisis, gender inequalities and local response in Somalia/Somaliland
Amy Croome and Muna Hussein (Oxfam in Somalia/Somaliland)

Indigenous perspectives on gender, power and climate-related displacement
Sarah Pentlow (Consultant/Cuso International)

Multiple mobilities in Pacific Islands communities
Fanny Thornton, Karen McNamara, Olivia Dun, Carol Farbotko, Celia McMichael, Merewalesi Yee, Sabira Coelho, Tim Westbury, Sharon James and Frances Namoumou (University of Canberra / University of Queensland / University of Melbourne / Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation / IOM / UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific / Pacific Conference of Churches)

When the two seas met: preventive and self-managed relocation of the Nova Enseada community in Brazil
Giovanna Gini, Tatiana Mendonça Cardoso and Erika Pires Ramos (Queen Mary University / Enseada da Baleia community / University of Sao Paulo/RESAMA)


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