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Loss, hope, action

Many migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean do not survive the journey. Others just disappear. With every migrant who goes missing, there is a family longing for closure.

“There’s not an event or holiday where we don’t think of him. Even walking the streets outside I seem to always see his shadow.”

La Terre Pour Tous is an advocacy organisation based in Tunis which works to address the plight of missing migrants and the injustices faced by their families. They work mainly through legal advocacy and awareness campaigns to change policies to enable identification of bodies that have been recovered.

La Terre has also worked with University of Michigan students to visualise the narratives of missing migrants’ families, seeking to humanise missing migrants and to demand changes in policies. Visit the online exhibition at

Imed Soltani ( La Terre Pour Tous, Tunis; Odessa Gonzalez Benson ( and Vadim Besprozvany (, with co-authors Elena Godin, Antonio Siciliano and Bader AlBader, University of Michigan

Poster design: Malcolm Maturen (University of Michigan student)

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