Readers' comments

We receive messages of thanks and appreciation from FMR readers around the world. In the following selection, please note that people’s job titles were current when we received them but may have changed since.

“With high hopes once more to be reading one of the most interesting publications on the topic there is.” Hugo W Rickberg, Program Director, Swedish Red Cross

“I have been reading your brilliant and authoritative magazine since Issue Number 3 with keen interest.” Gabriel Adukpo, Ghana

“We would also like to express our appreciation and admiration for your tireless efforts in producing such a pivotal publication.” Asaf Alibegovic, UNDP BiH

“FMR 31 still provides in one compilation one of the best summaries of knowledge and views on environmental change and migration. Climate negotiators always take many copies away…” Dr Koko Warner, Institute for Environment & Human Security, United Nations University

“I appreciate the latest issue of Forced Migration Review. Since its inception in 1998, it has been a very strong advocacy instrument.” John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator

“FMR provides an invaluable space for dialogue.” Nina Birkeland, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

“We appreciate your continued efforts in making the issues that concern and affect women visible as well as the need for key partners to take action.” Isis - WICCE, Uganda

“Being a player in peace-making camp, information becomes a very important tool for the peace-making process. Your info is commendable in highlighting the striking concerns of refugees ... Go on with the peace-making efforts, for you are a partner in the conflict resolution /peace-making camp.” Jamii Ya Kupatanisha / Fellowship of Reconciliation, Uganda

“FMR27 looks absolutely excellent. I can see this as one of our primary resources on sexual violence. I would like to get a copy to every field office with a humanitarian programme.” Rachel Hastie, Protection Officer, Oxfam GB

“I would like to congratulate you for putting together such a thorough and comprehensive issue [on Iraq] which extensively analyses the multi-dimensional humanitarian situation and effectively exposes the "human face" behind the facts and the data.” Erika Feller, Assistant UNHCR High Commissioner for Protection

“Your well-researched articles provide us with an insight on issues, tribulations and dilemmas in dealing with internally displaced people and refugees. Keep it up!” Major Kasili Mutambo, National Disaster Operations Centre, Kenya

“Congratulations! The issue of Forced Migration Review on gender and displacement is really on the mark and peers have attested its high quality, relevance and clarity.” Srilakshmi Gururaja, UNICEF Senior Adviser, Gender

“I have found Forced Migration Review a wonderful source of reporting on issues particular to refugees. This publication covers a wide range of topics from numerous angles. All respect to those who publish this unique work.” Dr Eyad al-Sarraj, Director, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

“The special issue of the Forced Migration Review which focused on events in the asylum field post 11-September provided a glimmer of hope to an otherwise distressing outlook on the future of the institution of asylum.” UNHCR

“As a writer/social commentator, health practitioner and scholar, Forced Migration Review is very valuable to me.” Valentine Umelo Ukachukwu, Frontline Foundation for Sustainable Development, The Gambia

“Forced Migration Review 21 is a great issue. It's really high quality writing and a wealth of interesting stories.” Ruth Gidley, AlertNet

“Forced Migration Review is like a beacon to those working in forced migration issues.” S. Raja Samuel, Lecturer, India

“The January 2005 issue has got some of the best articles on education so far produced by any newsletter as regards to education in emergencies.” United Nations Association, Uganda

“FMR 24 is the best resource on protection we've had for months, if not years! One of the good things with this issue is that it’s still very current, unlike analytical pieces which often are outdated by the time they are known about, distributed and read.” International Rescue Committee, Sudan

“I make references to FMR frequently and refer my colleagues to it. More strength and grease to your elbow, while your pen never goes dry.” Asylum seeker, Luxembourg

“Thank you for your wonderful work on the Palestine issue!” Interfaith Council for Peace in the Middle East

“Thanks for producing such a powerful publication – it is great to see the many aspects of the refugee/IDP situation addressed in one source that is made so freely available.” Scott Campbell, Institute for Middle East Understanding

“Ever since [writing] that article, I received comments and feedback from all corners of the world – UN, INGOs, Somali diaspora and local people.” Hassan Noor, Oxfam GB Somalia

“I have been a fan of Forced Migration Review for years, and it helped shape my thesis work.” Doctoral student

“Thank you for putting this all together. It will certainly contribute to keeping the Burma situation in the spotlight.” John Buijs, ZOA Refugee Care

“The Cayman Institute advises the Cabinet of the Cayman Islands Government on a range of issues, one of which is climate change and I would like to be able to present a copy of FMR  [31] to each member.” Nick Robson, Chairman, Cayman Institute

“We were provided with the October 2008 issue of Forced Migration Review. I commend you for the quality and comprehensiveness of the details. I now understand why UN provided your material as a reference.” Tony Simeone, Dimidia, LLC


 “I thank you for the extremely valuable contents that FMR has been always offering to humanitarian actors in all other the world. Intersos has always followed with extreme interest your releases and will continue in doing so in the future.” Cesare Fermi, INTERSOS

“I would like to congratulate you on an excellent journal that I have used extensively in my organisation (NZAID) in the past, and frequently recommended to others.” New Zealand Permanent Mission to the United Nations

“Congratulations for the best displacement-related review. Your magazine is truly interesting.” Olivier BEUCHER, Country Director – Syria, Danish Refugee Council

“Forced Migration Review is the only international journal available to us … it has been a great support in terms of improving our understanding on the issues of refugee and displacement as well as keeping us informed about global events/ scenarios.” Institute for Socio-Economic Development, Orissa, India

“ ... it really does help those of us working in remote areas in dire situations to have such resources.” Robyn Slarke

“I have read Forced Migration Review for a long time and am impressed by the relevance of the topics chosen and the high quality of the contributions.” Walter Kälin, Representative of the UN Secretary-General on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons

“Forced migration – sometimes reaching the level of ethnic cleansing – is one of the great tragedies of the modern age, as it has been in the past. Forced Migration Review performs an outstanding service in its careful and judicious accounts, which should encourage dedicated efforts to protect the victims and end the crimes they have been compelled to endure.” Professor Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“The displaced and the uprooted whose number continues to grow in many parts of the world owe a debt of gratitude to Forced Migration Review for making their plight and suffering known to the public and policy makers. The informative down-to-earth approach of the Review is commendable.” His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Jordan

“… an excellent and informative publication.” Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

“Forced Migration Review is one of the most popular magazines among our staff in the office.” Naila Huseynova, Norwegian Refugee Council Azerbaijan

“We greatly appreciate your magazine which is such a useful source of information ….” Dr Haider Abdel Shafi, Director, Palestinian Red Crescent Society, Gaza

“Forced Migration Review gives me an in-depth account of what is taking place with displaced people all over the world. Your magazine gives me more information than I get from the BBC News.” Calvin Gibbs, Rose Town Community Health Centre, Jamaica

“Our research centre would like to express deep thanks and pleasure for receiving your outstanding latest review. All of your reviews find intensive care from our centre. Thank you indeed from the bottom of our hearts.” General Centre for Studies, Research and Publishing, Yemen

“Your Forced Migration Review article concerning the NGO/military interface in Afghanistan is now required reading in Air War College - this is the mandatory professional education for lieutenant colonels and colonels in the US Air Force.” HQ USAF

“I do appreciate the job that you people are doing on forced migration, you are really doing fantastic job. May God continue to give you the energy, wisdom and knowledge to do more.” Refugee, Liberia

“The magazine has helped me gain insight into the phenomenon of forced migration that would not be possible by just taking a class about refugees and internally displaced people. It is nice to hear voices from a diverse group of experts.” Student, USA

“I have known hard life almost all my life since in my country we are faced with situations of war especially in the northern area of Uganda, so by you people giving me and sending me those magazines, it has helped me build on my very experiences and I pray that you continue doing so.” IDP, Uganda

“Your Tsunami special issue is very informative and useful. Many people have recently used its data in their presentations.” Mihir R Bhatt, Director, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute

“FMR is invaluable to our work with refugees here in Thailand. We are kept informed on new developments on the issue and challenged to stay the course! We thank you for your generous sharing.” National Catholic Commission on Migration, Thailand

“Congratulations on keeping FMR afloat, even if fighting for air at times. The magazine brings vital issues to many people who are unaware of the inside stories. We wish you courage and strength to carry on.” Anna Obura, Kenya

“In Darfur we are so eager to receive your review. Please do not give up continuing to support our peace center.” Yassir Hassan Satti, University of Zalingei, West Darfur State, Sudan

“The BBC contacted me for an interview because of [my]  article in FMR.” Robin Bronen, Alaska

“The FMR aroused my consciousness about issues relating to the reproductive health of refugees and I then decided to go to the Oru refugee camp in Ogun State to volunteer as a peer educator and work in the area of health communication in the camp, which I have been trained for.” Okanlawon Kehinde, Nigeria

“I have been reading the latest Forced Migration Review on Burma and felt I had to say how useful and persuasive this special issue will be. Many congratulations indeed for a very valuable accomplishment.” Derek Tonkin, former British Ambassador to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos