Reader Survey 2016

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, FMR conducted a short Reader Survey. We are very grateful to the approximately 550 individuals who took the time to respond. Results and observations from the survey can be seen here.

We at FMR consider accountability to mean both responsible and considerate behaviour. We try to be accountable in as many ways as possible:

To displaced and stateless people by promoting their rights through the magazine, by ensuring that they are referred to respectfully in the magazine, and by publishing articles by them and their representatives. In addition we seek to protect the identity of people whose pictures appear in FMR by making sure that they cannot be identified unless we are sure they have been able to make an informed choice to be identified.

To our readers by having all articles for publication reviewed externally to assess to the best of our ability their accuracy, relevance and interest; by offering opportunities to feed back through our website and email and responding to any such feedback; by undertaking occasional readership surveys. We put the reports of the results of those surveys online.

To authors, by working closely and helpfully with them until both they and we are happy with the text of the articles to be published in their name in FMR, and by ensuring that translations of those agreed texts are as accurate as possible.

To photographers and illustrators by only using their pictures with their permission and by crediting their work in print and on our website.

To funders and donors by keeping them informed about what they are funding and by presenting narrative and financial reports, per issue and on an annual basis, showing how money was spent and indicating the impact of the spending.

To our colleagues in the academic and humanitarian worlds by listening to their concerns and advice.

To the institution we belong to (the Refugee Studies Centre of the Oxford Department of International Development) by following its rules and conventions and by working collaboratively with our colleagues there.

In addition, FMR posts its accounts online.