Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Who can write for FMR?

We welcome contributions from authors coming from all levels of research, policy, practitioner, government and civil society communities. You do not need any specific qualifications to write, but we ask you to draw on your experience – whether of research, practice or personal experience of displacement – to write something useful to others.

  • What language should I write in?

We accept articles written in English, Spanish, Arabic and French unless otherwise indicated.

  • Can I write my article with a co-author?

Yes, we accept co-authored articles.

  • What are the submission charges?

We do not have any article submission or processing charges.

  • Do you pay contributors?

No, as a self-funded project we cannot offer payment to any author. This includes journalists, artists, consultants and communications professionals.

  • Is FMR Open Access?

Yes, FMR is an Open Access journal. It is deposited in Oxford Research Archive and indexed by a number of scholarly databases.

  • Can I write a historical article?

Yes, but it must not be solely historical – that is, any historical analysis must be relevant to current issues and discussed in that light.

  • Can I contribute a literature review?

As a policy- and practice-focused magazine we do not publish literature reviews. You may, however, make brief mention of any gaps in research (and how your research/practice is addressing them).  

  • Does FMR publish conference reports or book reviews?

No, we do not publish either conference reports or book reviews.

  • Can I adapt work I have already published or that is being considered for publication elsewhere?

Yes. However, you must take care to adapt your material for the magazine’s generalist, international audience. You may also need to consult with whoever has already published or is considering publishing your work.

  • What copyright arrangement applies to articles published in FMR?

All FMR material is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) licence. For more details see our Copyright page.

  • What is the acceptance rate?

We receive a large number of submissions for each issue throughout the three–four month submission window, and our acceptance rate tends to range from 25% to 65% (depending mainly on the topic of the feature theme and subsequent number of submissions). Please note, therefore, that any positive feedback we may provide on your proposal cannot be taken as a guarantee of likelihood of publication.