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Each issue of FMR is usually published in four languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Some issues have been published in additional languages to maximise access in relevant countries:

FMR 50 (September 2015) on ‘Dayton +20: Bosnia and Herzegovina twenty years on from the Dayton Peace Agreement’ is also available in Bosnian and Serbian.

FMR 46 (May 2014) on ‘Afghanistan’s displaced people: 2014 and beyond’ is also available in Dari and Pashto.

FMR 35 (July 2010) included a mini-feature on Brazil. The four articles on Brazil are also available in Portuguese (thanks to UNHCR Brazil).

FMR 30 ‘Burma's displaced people’ (April 2008) – also published in Burmese (thanks to USAID and IRC).

FMR 26 ‘Palestinian displacement: a case apart?’ (August 2006) – also published in Hebrew.

Special issue ‘Tsunami: learning from the humanitarian response’ (July 2005) – also published in Tamil, Sinhala and Bahasa Indonesia.

FMR articles translated by readers
We are delighted when FMR readers take the initiative to translate FMR articles into their local languages. Please tell us about these (email us at, so that we can post links to them here and promote them to other FMR readers. Note that we cannot take responsibility for the quality or accuracy of translations carried out by FMR readers.

An Armenian translation of ‘Luxembourg-UNHCR-Skype synergies’ by Antoine Bertout, Marc de Bourcy and Mohammad Faisal (FMR 31) is now available at Thanks to Leyli Saffian for this translation.

A Portuguese translation of ‘Luxembourg-UNHCR-Skype synergies’ by Antoine Bertout, Marc de Bourcy and Mohammad Faisal (FMR 31) is now available at Thanks to Artur Weber & Adelina Domingos for this translation.

NGO NANCEN has translated a number of FMR articles into Korean. These are online at:
‘Forgotten and Unattended: refugees in post-earthquake Japan’ by Katsunori Koike (from FMR 38 Armed non-state actors) 
‘Towards engagement, compliance and accountability’ (from FMR 38 Armed non-state actors)
‘North Arakan: an open prison for the Rohingya in Burma’ (FMR 32 Statelessness)  
‘Statelessness: What it is and why it matters’ (FMR 32 Statelessness)


To protect our authors’ work, we ask you to acknowledge the source with these words (either in English or the appropriate language):
Translated from Forced Migration Review [or add the specific issue link e.g.]
For more details see our Copyright page.

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