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Forced Migration Review is free of charge in print as well as online. To maximise scarce resources, however, the number of copies sent to any one organisation or office is limited and we prefer to send FMR to postholders rather than named individuals who may move on. Please circulate FMR among colleagues.

We also produce FMR Editors' briefing which offers headline analysis of the contents plus, for each article: the title, the author(s) and their affiliation, the introductory sentence and a link to the full article online. Please feel free to download it, circulate it and/or print it for reference or advocacy purposes. 

How to request a copy of FMR or FMR Editors' briefing

To request print copies of future issues, please use our print request form in the left-hand menu.

Before doing so, please note that the full text of all articles is available online. If you have reliable and fast Internet access, do consider whether you could read it online – saving paper and costs.

Please be aware that as a general policy we do not send hard copies of FMR to individuals except in particular circumstances. FMR is entirely funded by grants and we have to maximise our scarce resources. If you are in the Global North, with good access to the internet, we would encourage you to access FMR online. You can receive notification of the latest issue and calls for papers by joining our email alerts list (see below for how to sign up).

Students: As a general policy we do not send print copies of FMR to students. Most students in northern academic institutions have free, fast access to the Internet and can access FMR online. Also, we find that students’ postal addresses rapidly go out of date and posted copies get returned – or discarded. We would be happy to send FMR to your college or university library – please email us the full postal address.

How to request email alerts

Would you like to receive updates from FMR via email? FMR will use the information you provide to send you occasional updates on our work, including when we post a call for articles or put a new issue online.

Then please complete our email alert request form in the left-hand menu. We will email you as soon as we post a call for articles or put a new issue online.

If your address or email changes, please let us know so that we can update our records and avoid wasting postage.

FMR Alerts - Use of information

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