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FMR 71
January 2023

Forced Migration Review issue 71 focuses on ‘Socio-economic integration: towards solutions for displaced people’.

The quest for socio-economic integration, for both forcibly displaced people and host communities, raises fundamental questions for all those involved in forced migration policy, practice and research about how displaced people can live with autonomy and dignity.

The authors in FMR 71 share new perspectives on socio-economic integration that we hope can lead to a concrete and transformative shift in approaches. They reimagine the role of integration in responses to displacement, at a significant time of global change marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, urgent climate-related pressures and ongoing digital transformation. Most importantly, this issue includes displaced people’s voices and strategies in working towards solutions.

We will be holding a 90-minute online launch event on 22nd February at 2pm Oxford time/9am in New York/4pm in Beirut. Please do join us by registering here We will provide Spanish, French and Arabic interpretation upon request. Please follow the link for more details.

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