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The current issue of FMR is published in tribute to our founder, Barbara Harrell-Bond, who died in July 2018. She was passionate about promoting refugees’ rights and was never shy about asking people to help in this. So, treading in her footsteps, we are asking you too.

Would you consider making a gift to FMR to help us continue the crucial initiative that Barbara started? Your donation will support the free, accessible sharing of experience and expertise, lessons and recommendations – which are essential for improving programmes, policies and approaches worldwide. FMR is funded entirely by donations and grants – including donations from individuals who read FMR.


Why we need your support

Although FMR is Open Access and freely available online, for many of our readers internet access is unreliable, expensive, censored or unavailable. Local organisations and individuals need print copies to use in meetings with partners, networks and government officials and in training and advocacy. Researchers in the Global South need reliable access to research findings in contexts where such sources can be scarce. And, crucially, FMR offers a platform for all these readers to share their own expertise and experience.

How your donation will help

  • £30 will get print copies to five refugee camps, local NGOs or researchers in the Global South.
  • £45 will send three issues a year to eight national libraries in less developed countries.
  • £80 will send copies for sharing at a coordination meeting in Nigeria.
  • £250 will pay for one year of website support, ensuring our content remains free and accessible.

All donations will make a difference in helping FMR continue to do the work it was set up to do.

If you would like to talk to us about supporting FMR, please email the Editors, Marion and Jenny, or call us on +44 (0)1865 281700.

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